Weekend fun at Lake Nicaragua

Weekend fun at Lake Nicaragua. Locals travel from villages around the region, in buses, to spend time by the biggest lake in Central America.

Lake Nicaragua or Lago Cocibolca which means “sweet sea”, despite being a freshwater lake, contains Bull Sharks that have adapted to freshwater.
The theory to justify the presence of the sharks is that the lake used to be a giant bay, and the connection with the ocean has closed, trapping the sharks that adapted to the freshwater as the water gradually changed from saline to fresh.

The lake with an area of 8,264 km2 is the nation’s premier source of freshwater and a weekend and travel destination for locals and tourists alike.

A recent study about the ecological condition of the lake found out it to be heavily polluted by sewage. Industry around the lake is the prime source of pollution, however, the three major cities around the lake, Granada, Rivas, and San Carlos are not complete innocents.

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