Mouraria Alleys

Rua do Capelão, Lisboa

There is so much history on this short length of the alley! 

The old Rua do Capelão is an iconic street for Lisbon’s Fado. Severa (known as the first Fado singer) died there Severa in the 19th century. Fernando Mauricio known as Rei do Fado da Mouraria was born in it in the 20th century. Rua do Capelão is also the title by which Velho Fado da Severa is known, composed by Frederico de Freitas and lyrics by Júlio Dantas for the 1st Portuguese sound film - A Severa - in 1931, performed by Dina Tereza, and later performed by several voices such as Amália, Ada de Castro, Fernanda Maria, Cidália Moreira, Dulce Pontes, Anabela, Lula Pena or Cuca Roseta.

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